Our Little Adult



You are our little adult. From your well defined cheeks to your sense of schedule. You are already trying to rush your childhood.

We identified you as our diva early on. Your behaviors have proven that we picked the right name for our ‘lil drama queen. You keep us on our toes…and know just the right things to do to get what you want when you want them.

Don’t change. Enjoy your childhood, though. It’s possible to want to be grown yet be a kid. Mama knows this. Cousin Day Day knows this. And we are teaching your big sister this, too.

Middle sister, you play an important role in our family and I am certain you were born to play the parts that will come your way.

The Twins: Two Months

Ava and Isla.


You are growing way too fast. So fast, in fact, that you are wearing your 0-3 clothes and will likely soon move up to 3-6.

Both of you have distinct personalities that are growing right with your ‘lil bodies. Ava is still the DIVA and Isla the laid back talker. Who knows which of you will talk first, though, because your eyes show that you have a lot to say.

Sleep has been better lately. You are each hitting strides and letting us get into a pattern. Isla, you like to stay up until Daddy comes home and hang out with him. Ava is our morning girl, sneaking into bed with us in the wee hours of the day to sleep on Daddy’s chest.

You are both really good eaters, but during the day it is every two hours, making it hard for Mama to keep fueled for you.

Tuesday will be your next weigh in and immunizations. You got this, girls. Everyone is rooting for you.

You’ve both brought loads of laundry love and happiness to our family. Hugs and kisses!