We’re in THAT Stage, Are We?

Typical to her always ahead schedule, A is leaving the “Terrible Two’s” and becoming the constant question asking toddler. And, surprise, surprise, there is an attitude associated with it.

Everything we say to her, she replies with, “WHAT? HUH?”; but we know she heard us (so we try not to waste breath on repeats).

If it’s not one of those two questions, it is an incredibly intricate, well-thought question that demands an answer NOW.

Should this behavior be an indicator of her future, I guess we should be happy. If she can carry this quest for knowledge with a stubborn backbone, we are she is probably in for some hefty college loans amazing scholarships.

Let’s just hope she makes it to her princess/car cake 3rd birthday party without taking the questions over the edge.  


Seriously kiddo? You are NOT having that theme…I can’t work with it.