There’s this really great thing we have going on at our house – it’s a balance that sometimes seems so messy and so perfect all at the same time. The fathering part of our lives is something pretty special.

We’ve talked about it before, Greg being a stay-at-home-dad. It’s a semi-unique challenge as we’ve flipped society’s standards for marriage and family life. We’ve had the fights, we’ve heard the opinions, and for now, Greg being the primary caregiver for our kiddos is what works. (That’s not to say he won’t be getting a job any time soon – we’re trying to attack our debt head-on, so perhaps more to come on that later.)

But this fathering thing that he does is pretty spectacular. Do the dishes and laundry always get done? No, but are the kids happy and healthy? Yes. Do the kids sometimes run to him first when they have a boo-boo? Yes! Does Greg struggle with his role and the challenge it brings for friendships and meeting “my expectations”? Sure, but do we have good thing together? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Greg, I know I don’t always show my gratitude for you being the one who carries the brunt of the household or that I get on you about always being “the good cop” or I don’t understand how it must feel to be financially dependent on me. But what I do know is that your fathering heart, your passion for the outdoors and fun, and your way of being you mean so much to me and our kids. Thank you for fathering and doing this crazy life with me. Happy Father’s Day!


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Show Me a Picture

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When you have twins, it takes a long time to get from place to place…even when they aren’t with you. “Show me a picture!” or “How are they sleeping?” followed by “ooo”, “aaah”, “No way are they sleeping through the night!”. I’ve learned to slow down and enjoy it (because people rarely ask about the big kids anymore, so I know the day will come when the novelty of the babies wears off too).

But what I haven’t learned is to be prepared with pictures. Sure, there are tons of pictures on my phone (you’re following me on Instagram to see most of them, right?), but they are never “enough” in my mind. It’s time I get out the big girl camera and actually photograph all four kids and better yet, PRINT those photos. Because while these pictures are cute…

Ava and LaLa enjoying a nap

…I have no excuse to not have precious photos printed to share! This is when it’s probably a good time to admit that I have yet to print off photos of the girls to put in the three scrapbooks I received. Even better? They are already laid out and one came with tape, so all I need to do is print and post. Really.

Even better? I’ve been using Shutterfly for years to print my photos because they always have really nice deals for moms like us (yeah, I’m calling you out, too) who forget to print their digital memories. Someday Facebook isn’t going to be there and they’ll want the books. My big kids already do. That’s why I LOVE Shutterfly. I upload my photos straight through the app and then print and ship.

And when they have deals like this one: All customers enjoy 101 free 4×6 prints with promo code 101TREATS at checkout you really have no excuse to not head over to Shutterfly.com and get your photos off your phone big girl camera and into your hands, tucked into scrapbooks, and hanging on your walls.

You can thank me later – now go and print away! Still here? Share the link to this post with one of the pictures you are going to print. Be sure to tag #lilburghers when you do!

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