Are you following me over on Instagram? Let me tell you, this is the place to be when it comes to my current social media obsession. Thanks to IG, I was lucky enough to connect with Melissa of LatchPal and bring you today’s post! 

As you know, I’m a proud breastfeeding Mama of twins. Our favorite public method on these hot spring days has been to wear a nursing tank and a t-shirt then just adjust appropriately in order to discreetly nurse without having to cover the baby (Ava hates being covered up). Thank goodness I found out about LatchPal, a clip to help aid breastfeeding and pumping – with this handy accessory, I can nurse this way even easier.


Basically, the clip pulls mom’s shirt up and and out of the way so that baby is free to nurse away. It is simple enough to use one-handed, and pretty enough to wear with a variety of shirts. I actually put mine on the wrong way  the first time I tried. This is what we looked like:


So, it worked, but I did things the complicated way (go figure). I clipped the loop to the clip. All the clip has to do is clip on the shirt. There’s a magnet inside that the loop just “sticks” to when you loop it over the top of the clip – just like it is on the packaging shown above. Oops. Even the complicated way, I love this product because it is simple and convenient. A great addition to every nursing mama’s life.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here is how LatchPal’s founder, Melissa, describes this breastfeeding product:

LatchPal is a nursing clip that secures a mother’s shirt during breastfeeding. Like you, I found it inconvenient and annoying to continually re-position my shirt. LatchPal not only eliminates this issue by preventing your shirt from slipping, but also frees your hands so you can hold your child more securely. It can also be used while pumping and to eliminate that embarrassing fumbling, when nursing in public!

LatchPal was created by a mom, like you, who knows what you’re going through! Our product was inspired by our little boy and we’ve named our company after him; Happy Fig LLC. LatchPal is a parent-tested, mother-approved, and made in the USA; we hope you like it!

There are four colors (Sparkly silver, Pink stripe, Gray Chevron, & Dots) and each LatchPal is $14.95. You can purchase them online. Follow on Instagram and Twitter @latchpal.


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