Off the List: Drive Thru Pay it Forward #35DayProject

My friend Tiffany is doing something incredible for her 35th birthday, she’s engaging in random acts of kindness every day for the next 35 days leading up to her birthday. (You definitely should read about it on her blog and follow along on Twitter with #35DayProject–go along with it for bonus points!)

I’ve joined her Facebook Group (let me know if you want in!) and will be sharing on there, Twitter, Instagram, and even here as I help her fulfill her birthday wishes.

Today, as Arianna and I have made somewhat of a tradition, we headed to Sonic for Happy Hour before Kids Yoga. Since the city is preparing for yet another winter storm and the skies were full of gloom, I thought it would be the perfect time to cross two things off my lists and pay for the person behind me at the drive thru. (This is not only a random act of kindness for Tiffany’s project, but also an item on my 30 Things By 30 list.)

Surprisingly, the cashier wasn’t as confused by the giving act as I expected, and he even let me pass on this quick note that I decided to pen while waiting for our drinks.

#35DayProject @mrsharkleroad

I hope this made their day, because I was glad to do it. If just hearing this made your day, join us!

30 Things By 30

In exactly six months, I’ll be turning 30. I found a list of things I wanted to do before I Was thirty here and I actually accomplished most of them…but I’ve been inspired by a few other people and their “30 by 30” lists. So, I have 6 months to complete the following things…

  1. Bake a red velvet cake.
  2. Bake a pie in my (still unused) pie dish.
  3. Take a BYOB painting class.
  4. Visit a PA or NY winery.
  5. Take a cooking class at Market District.
  6. Write a will.
  7. Take a pilates class.
  8. See part of the underground railroad.
  9. Visit the Flight 93 Crash Site.
  10. Weigh less than 200 pounds.
  11. Pay for the person behind me at a drive through.
  12. Have an all night chick flick fest.
  13. Take dance lessons.
  14. Go to a drag show.
  15. Geocache.
  16. Milk a cow.
  17. Drink a bottle of wine from 1983.
  18. Go to the Pittsburgh Glass Center.
  19. Take Greg to the Warhol.
  20. Polar Bear Plunge.
  21. Go to Fallingwater with Greg.
  22. Call customer service just to thank them for their great service.
  23. Learn the “Save the Last Dance” dance with Greg.
  24. Go to an indoor shooting range.
  25. Go zip lining…
  26. Write 4 chapters for a book.
  27. Open a 401K.
  28. Eat Huevos Rancheros.
  29. Build a patio in our back yard.
  30. See the Cherry Blossoms in DC (thanks Scott for getting married at EXACTLY the right time!)