The Twins: 13 Weeks or 3 Months


Our girls are growing way too fast. Yesterday was 13 weeks. It was also 3 months.

Both are smiling and laughing. They recognize their names and know Mama from Daddy and how to get exactly what they want from each of us.

Ava rolled over for the first time on Tuesday, and Grandma said Isla did the same on Wednesday.


They eat every 2 or 3 hours, still mama’s milk. Weight is around 9 pounds, slow gainers but happy girls.

They wear 0-3 month clothes, cloth diapers during the day, and disposables at night. We soon will be able to put them in 3-6 months!

Pacifiers are slowly being replaced by the middle fingers, Ava also likes her thumb.

Ava is trying to stand when held, she can support all her weight with no problem and has stood against the side of her crib with Daddy’s help and watchful eye. Isla likes sitting, she’s ready for the Bumbo for watching shows with the big kids. (Don’t get in her way, you’re a better door than a window.)


Ava calls her paci LaLa, so we named Isla’s Key Key. They know what this means, too.

Both ninja out of sleep sacks and swaddles, but stay sleeping. Yeah, we have those babies who sleep through the night. Isla does best when listening to “Tiny Dancer” just before bed, but Ava could care less.

Girls, you are growing way too fast. Can’t we pause time?