Happy 18 Months, ‘lil Man!

‘lil Man,

Yesterday we celebrated not only Father’s Day, but your 18 month birthday! As usual, we sang to you lots, but this time, you chimed in, dancing and giggling.

Although you know a number of words, but your favorite word, by far, is NO. You love to use it, even when you mean yes (and we know you do based on your smiles and giggles). Of course, you’ve switched to using Mama as your second favorite word…do you remember when I was sad you weren’t using it? I promise I am trying not to be tired of it! 🙂

We’re still working on the stairs (you are quite spoiled and always ask, “Up?”) and wearing shoes. Good thing Daddy cleans up the yard! The sandbox is your favorite, but you do love to get in the pool, too.

Eating is probably your favorite activity, but you’re still lower in the weight range for your age. The other day, you weighed in at 23 pounds 13 ounces and were 31.5 inches tall.

‘lil Man, our love for you grows stronger every single day! Happy 18 months! xoxo