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The Twins 17 Months

Twins 17 Months

On Friday, the Twins turned 17 months old (don’t worry, we’re still in denial over here, too). It was a whirlwind month with the girls amazing us more every day.

Ava started walking five days after turning 16 months old. That might have something to do with the whirlwind. We are now chasing them in two different directions. Baby proofing is officially vital. At play time she has had to go into isolation of her own playpen because she continued to bite Isla. Most recently, she’s put her pacifier to the side. It’s no longer attached to her day and night. She went four nights without it before uncovering it from under her crib mattress on Friday night (but promptly told it “night” on Saturday morning). Her favorite thing is “Number of the Day” from Sesame Street. keep reading

17 Months

Oh, ‘lil Man.

Today you turned 17 months old. Next thing we know, you are going to be 17 about to fly our ‘lil nest. You think you are there already.

Last night after a nap, you yelled at me, “GO!” when I came to wake you for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, you are an eating machine. Your favorites are lunch meats. I think you can eat a quarter pound of turkey in one sitting if we’d let you. You know how to open up not only the box but the inside bag of crackers and you’ll plop down on the kitchen floor and make happy crumbs if we don’t do it for you. keep reading