The Twins 17 Months

On Friday, the Twins turned 17 months old (don’t worry, we’re still in denial over here, too). It was a whirlwind month with the girls amazing us more every day.

Twins 17 Months

Ava started walking five days after turning 16 months old. That might have something to do with the whirlwind. We are now chasing them in two different directions. Baby proofing is officially vital. At play time she has had to go into isolation of her own playpen because she continued to bite Isla. Most recently, she’s put her pacifier to the side. It’s no longer attached to her day and night. She went four nights without it before uncovering it from under her crib mattress on Friday night (but promptly told it “night” on Saturday morning). Her favorite thing is “Number of the Day” from Sesame Street.

Isla continues to be a busy ham. She’s all about making us laugh and giving us reason to hold our breath all in the same minute. Her hair is finally growing out of the Terry Bradshaw, her teeth out of the Michael Strahan. She still favors Daddy, but started calling out for Mama more and more. When she is done eating, she makes it clear that she is done by yelling so. When she’s not racing Ava up the stairs to bed or throwing her stuffed dog around the living room, she’s busy finding fun toys in the Bigs’ toy room. Her favorite thing is “Letter of the Day” from Sesame Street.

Oh, girls. You might still be wearing 6-9 month shoes, but your feet have brought such big happiness to our world. Our nightly peek-a-boo and jumping on the bed sessions are long going to be burned in my mind. You’ve grown all too quickly, but it’s all been for the good. Lots and lots of love, ladies. xoxo


17 Months

Oh, ‘lil Man.

Today you turned 17 months old. Next thing we know, you are going to be 17 about to fly our ‘lil nest. You think you are there already.

Last night after a nap, you yelled at me, “GO!” when I came to wake you for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, you are an eating machine. Your favorites are lunch meats. I think you can eat a quarter pound of turkey in one sitting if we’d let you. You know how to open up not only the box but the inside bag of crackers and you’ll plop down on the kitchen floor and make happy crumbs if we don’t do it for you.

You are not afraid of much, but yet have a few limits. You do NOT like when Daddy leaves, you are definitely his bud. You are not ready to go down the slide, for some reason the three steps to the top scare you more than our steep steps to our bedrooms.

Mama is sorry if she gave you some OCD. You like to be clean, and love to get a refreshing wash after meals. You also like to help clean off the table after dinner. The weird thing, kid, is that you HATE having your diaper changed.

Speaking of diapers, you are venturing toward the potty. (Already? Can you just hit pause, baby boy?) You haven’t made anything on it yet, but you sure love sitting on it when anyone else is in there, and even do it at Grammie and Pappy’s.

You are going to be a sports kid, that’s for sure. Pappy’s given you golf clubs and a baseball set, and you know how to use them. One of your favorite things to do is throw ball with Pappy.

At our friend’s wedding, you were a dancing machine and a flirt, chasing older girls (you get that from Daddy). Unlike your Sissy, you refused to sleep, wanting the party to never end. Way to rock a tie and vest, Aunt Rin is very proud.

Soon, you’ll be splish-splashing in the pool and playing in the sandbox on a daily basis, not wanting to sleep because the days will be so long. I’ll cherish that, because you are just simply growing too fast. I look at pictures of you when you were born, and I cannot believe that ‘lil baby turned into my ‘lil Man with curly hair and captivating blue eyes. Keep us on our toes, baby boy.

Happy 17 months, ‘lil Man! Mama, Daddy, and Sis love you lots!