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Twin Tuesday: Walkers


All it took was some encouragement and a blog post about her not walking, and she did it. Ava took her first steps on Sunday afternoon, so now we have got two walkers on our hands.

Look out, world. Here she comes!

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Sixteen Months


Sixteen Months. No way, right? There is no way that the twins are sixteen months old today.

I mean, weren’t we just celebrating Sisters Day with them when they turned four months?

Oh. Well. I guess a year really has passed. That’s what happens when you are busy watching two ‘lil girls grow up. keep reading

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Can You Believe It? #16Months

Yesterday was ‘lil Man’s 16 month birthday. He’s growing so fast, and showing us that he’s going to be a smarty pants just like his sister. We can’t keep him full enough…he loves to scream “CRACKKKKKKAS!” He loves to mumble himself to sleep…and loves to tell me no when it’s time to get up from a nap. (On Tuesday, I pulled the blanket off him and he threw up his hand and waved, “BYEEEE MAMA”.) keep reading

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