Swimsuit Pic of Me? And I am OK With It?

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Following a day at the pool, my friend started putting up photos on Facebook. Before, I used to be scared of what pool photos would mean for me, but yesterday was different. Sure, there are some of me awkwardly balled up in the baby pool, but come on. It’s 1 1/2 feet of water and I needed to curl all 5’6″ of me up to cool off. Of course, that’s going to look awkward. But that picture up there? I am ok with it.

While I didn’t meet my goal to be -68 pounds by this trip, I am down 62 since last summer. That makes swimsuit photos a lot more comforting than last year. Instead of hiding behind my husband like I did here… I stood proudly beside him and let her snap a pic. Sure, my body isn’t perfect, but it is mine and I am learning more and more every day to love it. This journey has been a blessing and I am seeing the benefits.

Eating better, exercising, and taking care of me has made a difference in my life. A slow journey, but it’s all worth it. Sure, I looked happy last year on the beach, but I can tell you that I really wasn’t feeling 100% myself there. Today, I am fine with sharing that photo with you…even if this time next I am like, WHAT WAS I THINKING?…and that’s a good thing. I hope to teach my kids that body image is something easy to get out of control, so love and work with what you’ve been given.

5 thoughts on “Swimsuit Pic of Me? And I am OK With It?”

  1. Yeah, Becky, you look great! Good job on the diet/exercise… what you need to be worried about is that thing growing on Greg’s head!!!

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