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Disclaimer: I was invited to attend “Sweet Suite” to meet up with toy brands. There was not a requirement to write a post or tweet about the event, I chose to do so on my own accord. As always, all opinions are my own. #SweetSuite13

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Imagine being able to take about two hours to interact with toys all on your own and not have your kids in the way, giving you their opinions. I got that gift when I attended Sweet Suite (with The Big Toy Book) in Chicago last month. Let me tell you, Santa had herself a hay day.

As I entered the room, it almost looked like I was headed into a club–the neon colors made me realize this was just the start of the fun.

Sweet Suite 2013
Source: The Big Toy Book

For two hours, I was able to engage in “The Biggest Night of Play”, mingling with brands and playing with toys. My kids, being 2 and 4, have plenty of toys, but just being at Sweet Suite made me want to go buy them even more toys such as:

  • Boogie Board – essentially, you write on this board made of LCD technology and it can save your writing. My teacher friends are going to love the wireless sync version coming this Christmas–jealous! My mind was blown. 

Boogie Board

  • Cloud B‘s Tranquil Turtle (and other toys) – I was already deeply missing Evan, and then the rep showed me cuddly sleep aids that include lights, sounds, and even sync up to iPad apps. Santa, do you hear me?
  • My Girl’s Dollhouse – Arianna would lose her mind if I brought this one home. She really needs more space, but this customizable “real to life” house for 18″ dolls would be just up her alley. See next bullet, too.


  • Furby Boom from Hasbro – Which although is marketed to older kids, just might calm my ‘lil girl down. She loves apps that she can take care of a pet, and the Furby Boom would bring her that. It even “leaves a big one” in the potty. (Shh, I spent most of my time with this one.)
  • Postable – Not a toy for the kids, but for Mama to use to send out thank you’s for the birthday toys. Mamas, I hope to bring you a lot more on this brand soon.
  • Skwooshi – Another mind blown moment, here. This compound “dough” is super fun. It doesn’t dry out when left out in the air. The texture amazed me, I have no idea what science was used to make it, but I am wowed.



Probably a good time to confess that this was one of my first events like this and the photos (not credited) were quick shots I thought to grab on my phone in between bouts of fun, bites of Shari’s Berries, and sips of the beeachhouse (definitely more to come on this after my trip in September). I was simply having way too much fun meeting people and playing with the toys.

While not all toys were just right for my kids, I got some ideas for gifts and charity donations (I was even able to take some of my swag as donations). There wasn’t one toy that I didn’t connect with, which as Santa, is a major win. My time wasn’t wasted, and I can truthfully say I had a great time.

Following the event, The Big Toy Book also sent me a box of toys as swag–this was great, and I look forward to bringing you some of the connections I made at this event. Thanks to the hosts (Charlene, Laurie, and Joey) for a beautiful night. 

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