Super Mario Bros.™ 2 Thwomps™ Building Set

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Disclosure: At no cost to me/in exchange for a blog review, K’NEX sent me the Super Mario Bros.™ 2 Thwomps™ Building Set through their Toys “R” Us® Mom Blogger Promotion. All opinions are 100% my own.

Oh boy. My brother was pretty jealous of the last review I put up, and it was a tub of K’NEX. Can’t wait to hear his thoughts on this (and the next) ones!

Today, we’re talking the Super Mario Bros.™ 2 Thwomps™ Building Set. This set made me, a true nerd at heart, squeal. It’s going to definitely make some kid’s holiday, let me tell you. The set is a castle from the beloved Super Mario Bros. series. There are cool action pieces to it that allow Mario (or Luigi) to run and jump (boing, boing!) through the castle.

Source: K’NEX

This set includes Fire Mario™, Silver Luigi™, gold coins, Power Up mushroom, warp pipes, Bone Goomba™, and Thwomps. It’s part of a line of Super Mario Bros. themed K’NEX building sets and can definitely bring your gaming world to life (once you build it, of course).

Who else is excited by this? Did you play Super Mario Bros. as a kid?


For ages 8+.  Suggested retail price is $59.99.  Available exclusively at Toys “R” Us.

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