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Disclaimer: I was asked to review services at a local business. All opinions are 100% my own. I received services in exchange for this post.

Sundays are a great day for some me time (usually). Today I had planned on traveling out to Ross Park Mall (off of McKnight Road in Pittsburgh) to review Styleout Bar and get some me time. Arianna has been sick, so since she was finally feeling better, we made it a family trip instead. When we got there and she asked to stay with, however, family time had to come to an end. Ladies, if you’ve never had a blowout, set yourself up for one and be open to the hour of pampering. Trust me, you’ll just feel better.

Here’s how I got styled out today…


First, I should let you know that I did not set my own appointment the Styleout Bar. A PR Rep assisted me with finding the best hour in my schedule, and we decided 12-1 today worked best. But, I did get an email confirmation on Thursday that was 1) super helpful and 2) slightly confusing as to whether or not I confirmed I’d be there. (I was able to click confirm more than once and it didn’t ever give me a message that I was truly confirmed, but AWESOME nonetheless.)

I learned ahead of time (and some while on site) that Styleout Bar has four locations, one of which is in Pittsburgh. These blowout bars are designed to place focus on luxury blowouts – so there’s no hair cutting or coloring to be found in these salons. You can, however, get your eyebrows threaded, nails done (enamel or gel), and professionally applied makeup in addition to the blowouts.

On our way to Ross Park, I had to figure out where would be best to park. Parking in our city stresses me out. Even at locations that have abundant parking (like the mall). Luckily, I hopped on the Ross Park Mall’s website and was directly guided to entrance 4 (between Nordstrom and Sears). Major win in my book.



When I first arrived at Styelout Bar, it was pretty much what I expected from their website information. It was bright and clean, and I knew right away it was where I was going (without having to consult the storefront signage). The only thing that disheartened me is that I was the lone customer until someone came in as I was checking out. Hint: More ladies need to be treating themselves in this city.

Styleout Bar


And clearly, I needed to treat myself. Well, to be fair, I went for a run and tan this morning, so I was looking a ‘lil disheveled before going inside. Let me be honest. I am a busy mom and a I probably often look like this:



I needed help.

Cynthia was more than willing to help out, and she not only made me feel beautiful, she was friendly and welcoming, too. I got seated in a comfy salon chair and didn’t have to look at my mop anymore (the mirrors are above the bar that the stylists use to hold their tools which is awesome because you can’t see how things are progressing). We talked about my hair and what I typically (don’t) do to it and she gave me a book with a list of several different looks to pick from. I liked the Classic Straight which would have given some volume, but because my hair does have a natural wave, opted for a mesh between that and the loose curls of Muse (just to see what my fine hair would do).

I got to partake in my favorite activity – having someone else wash my hair – and relax. My stylish (Cynthia) gave me a very large wineglass of water which made me feel special, too. It was an all around comforting experience. Before I knew it, the hour passed by and my hair was ready for the reveal. I was pleased (but I’m gonna make you wait another minute before sharing the photo).

We talked about h0w long it will last (I’ll likely have volume for a few days and not need to shampoo my hair until Tuesday or Wednesday). Some ladies (with thick hair, for instance) can  make a blowout last  a week. My hair felt light and airy, but she used products on me – so we talked about the two she used and I eagerly purchased them with the promise I’d go light with t hem.

While we didn’t talk about me setting up a return visit, I think I might. Or, I might think about bringing a friend or two there for a girl’s night (they’ve got packages) or perhaps let Arianna get a blowout someday. To be pampered is definitely worth it.

I left Sytleout and tried to find my family. Greg and the kids walked right toward me and didn’t even recognize me. I had to follow them into a store and say HEY. It was that good. Now I just need to learn to take more morning me time and do this more often. Right?




You can schedule your own time at Styleout Bar at They are on Facebook and Twitter, too. Blowouts start at $35.

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