Stunt Hunt with Fruit Shoot

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It’s not been the normal summer here in Pittsburgh – lots of cool weather and rainy weekends. That means my kids have been inside, responsible for being imaginative and play less with balls and bikes and more with games and stuffed animals.

This weekend, we took a break and let the kids have some outdoor play inside, removing the breakables and giving them a ball. Okay, we had a campaign to work on – the Fruit Shoot Have a Ball Stunt Hunt — but the kids were quite happy. With a six-pack of Fruit Shoot (a kids’ drink that has a new no-spill cap, perfect for children of all ages, and contains no fructose corn syrup) and a ball, I asked them to come up with something to play.

Quickly, my ‘lil leader, Ari, came up with Kick Bowling – she set up 4 Fruit Shoot bottles as though they were bowling pins and then kicked the ball toward them. It clicked, and the kids spent a good amount of time playing the game. We filmed the fun to enter in the Stunt Hunt (a video competition where you capture and share the exciting imagination of your child by filming a short video of your child’s tricks and stunts with a Fruit Shoot bottle and a ball of your choice), check it out:

Note – our official entry is still uploading. It’s taking longer than I expected, but I’ll update this when it’s done! 

There’s still a day to enter your own video – the entries are due tomorrow, and the judging ends Tuesday. All you need is your kids, a ball, some Fruit Shoot, and imaginations. There are instructions in this video to help get your juices going (and tasting the Fruit Shoot will help, too!).

Entered already? Comment here so we can check out your entry! Winning entries will be featured on the Fruit Shoot Stunt Hunt Have a Ball Winner’s page.

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