Stop Putting Off

I’m awake and mostly ready for work because Greg called me when his shift ended to ask what he could bring me for breakfast. The man gets my pregnant self.

But it got me thinking (as down time when you can’t fall back to sleep) does. Why didn’t I just get up and shower so we could spend a few moments together before I rushed out the door? Bank a few moments in our relationship checking account, if you will. Our early morning talks have become the favorite part of my day. He’s usually chatty and I am sleepy but awake and ready to spend precious moments with him. No more putting it off, put in extra me time before he arrives so we have more we time.

And as my rabbit hole way of thinking does, my mind raced in the shower. What else am I putting off?

That prenatal massage he got me for Christmas and taking a prenatal yoga class. These are two things I promised myself I would do. Today, my goal is to get these scheduled. If I keep putting it off, these babies will be here and I will forever have guilt that I never treated myself to these things I have always wanted to experience.

Scheduling my glucose test. I am 99% sure I don’t have gestational diabetes, but that lab work script has been sitting in my home office for two weeks now and I have two weeks to report to my doctor how it went. Oops.

Picking coming home outfits. If things keep going the way I am going, our last two kiddos will question why all they wore their first month was a white onesie snagged from the hospital.

Reading my book list. Because I seriosuly think my maternity leave is a time to read. Huh.

Getting Arianna and Evan in soccer. They ask all the time and I say someday. Why can’t that be now? I thought I was “raising a happy and healthy family”?

And this is just the tip of my thoughts. I’ve been thinking lots about how this pregnancy, save my hip issue that landed me in the ER screaming, has been (thankfully) uneventful, these kids could arrive sooner than I’d like and these things I want to do before we meet them won’t happen if I keep putting them off. So, today’s my day (post busy workday full of meetings) to do this. To stop putting it off.

What are you saying someday to and are going to stop putting off now?


Hey feet. I can somehow still see you...

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