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A summer wouldn’t be a summer without a trip for a slushy, right? Especially when that slushy is accompanied by stitches and a trip to the ER.

On Tuesday (gosh, it now seems years ago), this was the scene (I’m sparing you the gory one).

After a fall, Arianna ended up with¬†nine stitches in the underside of her chin. She is so brave, sitting still on the bed while the doctors stitched her up. She tried to see under her chin to watch what they were doing, but you know that doesn’t work!

It meant missing her last softball games, but she seemed okay with it because¬†that slushy though. For the next week she has to keep her face dry. That’s a challenge with how much she loves to swim at the Y for lunch!

Arianna says thanks for all the prayers and love she’s felt over the last few days. xoxo

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