“Still Not Wonder Women”

Disclaimer: I was sent information and opted to share it with my readers. Opinions within are my own (and the author’s).

My faithful readers know that I’ll be the first to admit that wearing the cape in my family isn’t the easiest thing. When I read Deborah Spar’s article, “Women, Despite Being Leaders, Are Still Not Wonder Women“, you can believe I was feeling it.

If trying to do it all as a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and co-worker sounds like you, perhaps you were be interested in checking out the article above and Deborah Spar’s new book, Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection (which can be found here on her site).

I know I’ll be trying to get myself a copy and get the spare time to take a good read of it, especially after the past few whirlwind weeks!


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  1. KaylaPotega says:

    This sounds like quite an interesting read! I’m all about female empowerment 🙂

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