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Months before Halloween costumes even crossed my mind, stores were busy packing the shelves with Christmas decorations.

Hours after our kids opened their gifts, several people posted that they were taking down their decorations.

Our decorations? They are still up. They will stay up until after Epiphany (which is January 6). No, this is not because I believe it is unlucky, but because I believe the real swing of the Holiday has just began. We still have two family Christmas celebrations to attend. Our lights have only been up since the weekend after Thanksgiving. It is not time to forget the Reason for the Season.

Have we as a society become too commercialized when it comes to Christmas? Are we overwhelmed with all of the decorations we see for months prior to the Season and just simply can’t take one more spec of red and green?

How many of you still open gifts on Christmas day? Do you go to church on Christmas Eve or Day (or both)? How about sing Happy Birthday to Jesus? Yup, all of those things describe our family, and it is what works for us. We truly embrace the Holiday season, but yet recognize that others may not. It still stings just a little bit to see light after light disappear on our street. Major kudos to those of you who celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas starting on December 25. We have a lot of celebrating left to do, right?

Am I off my rocker? Do you drive past our brightly light house and cringe? Do you feel cluttered if your decorations aren’t down by December 26th? Help me understand!

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