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Last night, I stayed up until the midnight oil ran out working on Evan’s birthday invites. Instead of using an online tool, I literally hand wrote the puppies. (Lost my mind? Perhaps.) All that was left was to stamp them and mail them.

This task was left up to the men.

One of which barely survived.

I texted Greg to see if he could hold the fort for a little longer than usual so I could enjoy a party with my Virtual Village. His response was that he needed sleep because he had been dealing with a tantrum over stamps.

Because stamps are not stickers. Because stamps have to go on mail.

I let go of the thought I’d be at my party sans kids and told him get some sleep.

Later, Greg told me he had it under control and to go be with my friends. Before the party, though, I had to stop home. What was I greeted by? A sad almost 4 year old. Because stamps are not stickers and Daddy will not let him have them NOW.

I narrowly pulled off a guilt-filled escape and went to my party. When I returned home, he was still upset that he can’t use stamps as stickers. Nope, not even for pretending to mail artwork to me, Evan.

And tomorrow? My bet is he forgets what a stamp even is. Cross your fingers for us.

Nothing to do with stamps and everything to do with "omg, 4 years have passed".

So if you are reading this and wondering if Evan is having a party this year, the answer is yes. And we understand it’s the holidays and late notice…life happened and I let this slip my to do list somehow…

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