#SpiritDay On Being an Ally

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It’s no surprise that Greg and I are anti-any kind of harassment, especially when it comes to race, sexuality, and religion. We are raising the kids to truly do what God would want, and love everyone. Today, October 19, is GLAAD’s Spirit Day, a day to stand up against bullying (especially of those in the LGBT community).

As an ally, I wrote a post that was shared on my friend’s blog, Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents. Hopefully you’ll consider taking a few moments to read it, and to stand up against bullying yourself. Here’s a snippet:

After getting out of a bad relationship, I finally became an ally. The ladies who are some of my best friends (and now sister-in-law) were some of the most supportive people I’d ever met. They weren’t man haters. They opened my eyes to a world in which “hell, we all struggle, let’s kick back a drink, dust off our flip flops, and move on TOGETHER” was key.

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