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Oh. Something big happened at Target this week? People bought boxes and carts full of some gorgeous summer printed clothes and yard furniture and are either basking in the sun or pulling in the eBay money from this line. Stores sold out of the product, the website crashed. That’s nice, but this Mama doesn’t have time for that…SOS, it’s time for Mama to get some #SpillyForTarget.

Real talk, if you have followed the blog or remotely know me, you know the girls are fueled by liquid gold breastmilk and that their brother was the same. You also know I was about 8 sizes larger with him than I am now, even three weeks post partum. Do the math (be sure to carry the two) and you can guess that I have been wearing the same three outfits (ok, nursing tank tops) in rotation for the last three weeks. As if recovering from a c section wasn’t fun enough, I have 2 shirts and 2 bras that remotely fit okay enough to nurse the girls. Let’s subtract all 10 types of bodily fluid babies and allergy laden big kids can spew at you in a day and there’s clearly a need.

This Mama needs to get to Target (or anywhere, frankly, but isn’t #SpillyForTarget a fun brand line?) and get some new nursing gear. Yup, I’ve tried online. I overestimated my size in tanks and under in bras. My new PumpEase is on the tightest hooks (so if I lose two pounds a night each night for the next week, I won’t be pumping worth anything during the night shift). This is the price I pay for thinking I still could fit what I had on hand and not shopping when I should have.

Someone send in the troops, I call a #SpillyForTarget mission run ASAP.

Fellow moms, what do you wish you’d stocked up on before babe’s arrival?

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This post sure wasn’t sponsored, but if a nursing bra / tank company feels like helping a Mama out, let’s talk a review stat.

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