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Enter disclaimer text This post is part of a blog tour for the book, Sometimes.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Like you had to work harder than others around you? Like your dreams weren’t going to come true? If you answered “sometimes”, then you just might connect with the latest book from authors Hugo Ibarra and John Seidlitz.


This book, geared toward children ages 4-8, is actually a good read for everyone. “Sometimes” tells the story of Andres and Clara, children of US Immigrants. Throughout the course of the book, readers will see and hear how the time of transition impacted both the children and parents as they came to America for work.

Andres has hopes and dreams that his family will be together again, but will they come true? 

Why is this story important for “our students” as Ibarra and Seidlitz dedicate the book? Because it can teach…

  • The important leadership role teachers play for children in transition (stable role model, offer encouragement, see an aspect of child’s behavior that parents may not)
  • Why all parents should discuss immigration with their kids (helps children understand America’s history, prevents bullying by making the unfamiliar familiar)
  • The respectful way to talk to your neighbors who immigrated (don’t ask for their passports, don’t assume what their native language is, offer help to navigate US culture)
  • How teachers can learn more and train to help children in transition

Raising kids in what was once one of the biggest melting pots of the country,  I think this message is super important. They are hearing from tv (polticians) and adults around them opinions on this subject…even in my own house! I’m not going to lie – reading “Sometimes” put my thoughts in a whole new perspective of the struggle for immigrant families. They don’t have it as easy as my ancestors did, that’s for sure!

This is definitely a deep, but meaningful read. I suggest it for teachers and parents. Canter Press, the publisher of the book, is also offering up a copy for one of my readers. You can enter below or the book can be purchased here.

About Canter Press
Canter Press is a broad-based publisher producing high-quality titles for educators and young readers. They specialize in the areas of educational literacy, young adult and children’s literature, narrative nonfiction, and religion.
About the Authors
John Seidlitz is founder and CEO of Seidlitz Education, a company that provides training and support to educators and leaders of English Language Learner programs across the state of Texas and beyond. John began his work with ELLs as a social studies teacher, after which he served as a program coordinator, and a regional education specialist. He has authored several books, including: 7 Steps to Developing a Language-Rich Interactive Classroom™ and Sheltered Instruction Plus: A Guide for Texas Teachers of English Learners. Sometimes is his first children’s book.
Hugo Ibarra immigrated to the United States when he was 25. After studying immigrant children for his thesis, he received a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership from The University of Texas at Tyler and began his career as a Bilingual Education Teacher in Longview, Texas. Ibarra is currently the an elementary school principal in Bryan, Texas. Sometimes is his first children’s book.

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