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Getting ready for parties in my book typically means designing a cute invitation, ordering and making food, and coordinating to-do lists. Greg, unfortunately for him, gets to take on the brunt of the cleaning. As we prepared for an upcoming party, I gladly stepped in and lent a (small) hand because this time, we were armed with Soft Scrub Total.

Soft Scrub has released a new line of household cleaners that is “tough on stains, gentle on surfaces”. It includes three products–Soft Scrub Total – Bath and Bowl, Soft Scrub Total – All Purpose w/Bleach, and Soft Scrub Total – All purpose w/Lemon Scent. Each option works upside down (letting you get to those tough to reach spots) and has a super cool feature–a “screen” that lets the product come out as spray or foam. I was pretty amazed at this “technology”–it’s interesting how a screen can totally change the way a product works!

We got to test out the Bath and Bowl and All Purpose with Lemon Scent, and I should note that the fresh, clean smells of both of these products plus that nifty screen are what led me to really want to use them. Both products did what I expected–the All Purpose helped me scrub off a toaster pastry sprinkle stain on the kitchen counter and the Bath and Bowl helped me get rid of a nasty ring around the bathroom sink’s drain. I did enjoy switching from spray and foam to see which worked best on the different areas, too.

Even the kids enjoyed “helping” me clean–the products weren’t harsh enough for me to worry about them being in the same room as I was while cleaning, and the foam made them giggle like crazy.

So, if cleaning is your thing, or you are interested in winning, enter my contest below to win THREE coupons to try out Soft Scrub Total yourself. There will be ONE winner, and the contest ends on Sunday, September 30. Also…Soft Scrub is holding a sweepstakes where one winner will win $1000 and fifty winners will win $40 in gift cards. Click HERE to enter that sweepstakes.

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