So, We Took a Vacation

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You might have been able to tell from a few random posts of late (like crabbin‘) that we took a vacation a few weeks ago. Friends in real life can tell that it wasn’t the vacation I really needed, but it was still a getaway and a chance to be with Greg’s side of the family, including Aunt Rin who was home from Morocco.

Don’t get me wrong–I love going back to Myrtle Beach and visiting with the family, and we had a great time of that! I just really needed a weeklong, stress-free getaway with BEAUTIFUL weather. I haven’t had a whole week off since October. (Gosh, that sounds cruel–I’ve been to Myrtle, Kansas, and Niagara a few times since then, but all were way too brief.) It’s been a busy year at work, transitioning to a new position to help transition an outsourced team to an inside team. I just craved just being.

Sure, I got to do some of that, but the weather seriously put a damper on my ability to enjoy. In my mind, I’d come home very brown from lounging at the pool or beach for days on end. We got one nice pool hour then a cloudy day followed by rain, rain, rain, a cloudy beach day (during which I got stung by a small jellyfish), a nice beach day, and then a windy beach evening. That doesn’t make someone who spends 98% of their time inside very tan.

I got to do some reading, playing Words With Friends, and blogging over at Life With Levi and Alpha Wife Adventures with Jen. Greg and I took the stage at Daisy Dukes singing making fools of ourselves at karaoke. We got to visit with friends, and made new ones. We got to spend lots of time with Rin and the rest of the family. We watched the Olympics. We ate torta with Ody–and I even maintained weight. In the end, it was a good vacation, right?!

Sadly, I was sick some of the time and was not running due to sciatic nerve issues. We stayed in a bad hotel on our trip down–a hooker was in line behind me at the walk-up window since it was after 11 PM. I had an allergic reaction and just wasn’t feeling myself. I couldn’t let go and let myself enjoy, hence my ‘tude to the trip.

But someone enjoyed himself. Someone who really deserved this trip. Someone who puts up with the kids 24/7 and (although he loves them very much) hangs with my family way more than his own. Someone who deserved just kicking back and zoning out to the Olympics. Someone who looked super relaxed just laying there on the beach. Someone who I love oh so very much, can you see why?

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  1. always enjoy your posts, glad that Carol has joined Face Book. We got to see our Grandson Adam before he returns to his base in TX. We have had hot days this week, still need rain. Now you look forward to Oct. & another visit to SC. Hope you can enjoy the Labor Day weekend! God Bless!

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