So Much Trouble

Two kids. Two dogs. A 2-story house. One stay at home dad. Even if you can’t do math, you know this equals trouble.

Just recently, ‘lil Man has learned to go down the steps. He’s been going up for months, but hadn’t had the desire to climb down. Life has completely changed.

One kid wants to go upstairs, the other down. Someone always wants something different.

On nice days, there are things to do in the yard, but that opens up a bunch of other variables. The pool is gated, but there are stairs up to the gate. There is a play house, a sandbox, a garden. So many places to watch.

From my perspective, I could never keep my eyes out for the kids like Greg can. It’s clear that his days as a security guard prepared him for the adventures of fatherhood. He makes it look so easy…especially those times when…

* ‘lil Man decides he is going to taste finger paint
* ‘lil Miss A decides to tattoo her feet and ‘lil Man’s face with “cupcake markers”
* The dogs chase after a baby bird
* The garden dirt looks oh so yummy to ‘lil Man
* The kids leave an empty plate, but the dogs still manage to chew it up
* The recycling/trash space becomes a toy box (who doesn’t want to play with empty water bottles?)
* Stickers are plastered to the tv (good thing they know which one to avoid)
* ‘lil Miss A demands that 24-month blue boy pants are hers. At least she put on a matching shirt.

Aren’t those the joys of parenthood? Sure, a new adventure every day! Greg really knows how to stay calm and handle these things. The kids have no idea how lucky they are that we are in a SAHD situation instead of a SAHM. He handles every twist and turn with grace. I wish I could learn more from him!

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