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When I look in the mirror, I still see a new mom, but when I look at my babies (who are now 7 months old!), I realize that my days of using that as my tagline are fast fading. Regardless of how I look, how much the girls grow, or what my reality is, I still feel like a new mom and still suffer from pangs of postpartum anxiety.

Sleep is probably the biggest trigger for my anxiety. I barely sleep because I am worried about the babies. Are they sleeping? Are they breathing? Did they stay on their backs like they’re supposed to? (And now,) are they staying in their own cribs and not trying to plan a great escape? I’ve had plenty of sleepness nights staring into the darkness of their room, listening for breaths or slight movements. I’ve stared at the video monitors, hoping for a sign of life across the night vision screen. And I’ve jumped at every small whimper to see what could be bothering my precious little ones. So much so that it’s come to the point where my husband (and others) have had to take the monitor away and force me to sleep while the babies are sleeping (like every new mom knows they should do but good luck doing it).

While I was at Blogger Bash, I found out about Snuza Baby Monitors, a piece of baby gear I’m going to recommend to any new mom like me. These monitors simply attach to baby’s waistband (diaper or pants – the tighter spot the better for less slipping and accurate monitoring) and sense abdominal movement. If baby’s belly stops moving (signaling decreased breathing), the monitor signals an alert. Sure, it’ doesn’t take away the constant wondering and listening for an alert, but it is a way to tell if something is wrong and not just baby trying to settle into their comfy spot.


We were sent a Snuza Go. It has less bells and whistles than the Snuza Monitor (for instance, it doesn’t hook up to a phone app), but still the same idea. You attach the monitor to the waistband and let it observe baby’s sleep. When there is no abdominal movement, a piercing alert will sound.

I’d like to say I haven’t heard the alert, but I have. Twice.

The first time, I tested it by setting it up to alert, essentially. I didn’t have it secure enough to Ava’s waistband and it couldn’t detect movement. This way I knew what to expect should the unexpected happen.

The second time, I’m honestly not sure what happened. I had put Ava to sleep in her crib on her back and then went downstairs to finish up homework with Arianna at the dining room table (just below the girls’ nursery). After about 10 minutes, I heard the monitor beeping its scream. Never have I run up the stairs so quickly. I put my hands on her in the darkness and she rolled into my hands, opened her eyes, and smiled. As much as I wanted to let her sleep, I was scared enough to just snuggle for a good twenty minutes before I was sure everything was okay.

Snuza Go

While I can’t say if it was loose placement, skipped breathing, or something else, I’m so glad I have the Snuza Go to keep me on my toes but also calm my fears. We haven’t had another instance since then, so that’s a relief.

If you’d like to learn more about the Snuza line of baby monitors, check out


The Snuza Go! is a portable and easy-to-use movement monitor which clips onto baby’s diaper to ensure that normal movement is maintained. Go! detects even the slightest abdominal movement and will alert you via an audible alarm after 15, 18 or 20 seconds of no movement. The movement rate indicator will warn you during weak or infrequent movement. MSRP $94.99.

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