Sleepy Kitty and Sleepy Puppy

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Part of our bedtime routine is to read books with all four kids. Sometimes it is a struggle to get the big kids to do the whole “PJs, potty, and brush teeth” deal in a quick fashion. They do enjoy a asking for all.the.things right at bedtime. So, it’s no surprise that they had schema for Sleepy Kitty and Sleepy Puppy, two new bedtime story books on our shelf.

Sleepy Puppy
Source: Barnes & Noble
Sleepy Kitty
Source: Barnes and Noble

These two photo books share the story of a kitten and puppy who are trying to stay awake. Like my kids, they want “one more” ‘lil bit of attention before they shut their eyes and catch some zzz’s. The big kids (ages 6 and 4) were able to read the books to the twins (who are too young to appreciate the adorable photos of cats and dogs). Both books quickly became a favorite and we read them over and over a few times (oh, the sneaky way to extend bedtime) the past few nights.


Sleepy Kitty tells the story of mischievous kittens sneaking in requests before bedtime while Sleepy Puppy tells the story story of rascal puppies begging for more time in their day. Both are brought to us by Sterling Publishing and are available for a suggested retail price of $6.95. The fact sheet I received suggests these board books are for kids up to 3 years old; however, because my big kids still like to grab a picture book (especially ones they can read the words in), it’s on our shared shelf and not just in the nursery. Pick up this pair for your next baby shower – and tell the mama it will come in handy when their firstborn refuses to just go to sleep. (Both books are available at book retailers and through Sterling Publishing.

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  1. It’s really heartwarming to see the big kids taking such an interest in their little siblings 🙂

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