Sleep, Glorious Sleep

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Evan has been a PITA when it comes to sleep this past week. Personally, I think the Willis Man Curse is to blame. Both Greg and his dad have issues sleeping at night.

It all started with last Tuesday’s trip to Myrtle when he stayed awake way into the night and (unlike the curse) woke up after a quick morning nap. Wednesday morning he woke to realize Mama was going away for a few days and went all sleep pattern screwy.

Greg had several late nights with him. Grandma tried reading stories. Arianna tried hard to be a good big sister. Everyone filled Evan’s days with fun. Nothing really worked.

Since getting home, I think it got worse. Last night he climbed in bed with me and we watched golf. Apparently he’s a Tiger fan. It ended. He did not. Greg had to take him downstairs and wait for him to say “sleep” at 12:30…but he wanted Mama bed and stayed there til transferred to his own bed at 2 (I had no clue until Greg and I talked about this for the post).

How he is not exhausted, I don’t know. Someone want to transport me back to the Resting Place for one more good sleep in that bed up there?

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