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Disclaimer: I was sent samples of Skwooshi in exchange for a blog review. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

About two weeks ago, the kids got a new playtime favorite – Skwooshi. I’ll be forward and tell you that I am in love. You might as well know that going into it.

Source: Skwooshi’s Facebook Page

You see, Skwooshi is a “cool new compound that stretches, molds, and shapes into amazing detail with no mess and will never dry out” (according to their website, and confirmed by me). Literally, I don’t have to supervise the kids’ play. Unlike other products, I don’t care if they play with Skwooshi on my white couch or the coffee table. I don’t have to be sure lids are on the containers holding it. It’s not going anywhere.

I’m still amazed at the fun we’ve had with Skwooshi:

  • Stretching (Arianna and I are amazed at watching the particles that make up Skwooshi stay together)
  • Making fishy shapes
  • Cutting out shapes and they staying the way we made them for hours
  • Wondering what Skwooshi is made of (you can’t find that anywhere!)
  • Skwooshing it! 🙂


It’s really hard to explain the consistency, but I’ll tell you that it doesn’t stick to your fingers or jewelry and feels grainy yet held together. For kids with idle hands, it’s a great match for amazement. Just take a look at their YouTube Video to see what I mean (because my kids and I aren’t that creative, but try!).

Skwooshi comes in 10 colors (yes, if you mix them the colors change – our blue and pink is now one big blob of purple). There are individual packs like this:


or larger activity packs like this:



Although Skwooshi is recommended for kids ages 4 and up, Evan (almost three) was amazed by it and kept it out of his mouth (probably the main reason for the age requirement). I honestly feel safe leaving the kids in one room with the Skwooshi while I am in another working on a household project. There’s no mess, and it keeps my constantly moving and wanting to change plans kids entertained. My only worry? The kids will notice it is missing when I sneak it away for my own stress relief!

Skwooshi retails from $2.99 to $29.99 and is available in stores now.

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