Sixteen Months

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Sixteen Months. No way, right? There is no way that the twins are sixteen months old today.


I mean, weren’t we just celebrating Sisters Day with them when they turned four months?

Oh. Well. I guess a year really has passed. That’s what happens when you are busy watching two ‘lil girls grow up.

Sixteen Months.

Ava, oh, Ava. The “middle sister” is full of spirit and energy, boasting a scream or “stank face” when she doesn’t get her way. She’s still biting Isla here and there, but less than she had been. Her favorite things to eat are fruits, peanut butter & jelly, and chicken. She’s walking with support (like our hand or the couch or a table), but still would much rather crawl her way around. She loves to say hi, bye, hey, thank you, Mom, Dad, Isla, Shadow, ooo, and weee; however, she is the most verbal in her babble. Don’t get in the way of her and her show, Sesame Street, either! Ava is the kiss stealer versus the kiss giver, pulling blown kisses into her sweet, pouty lips.

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Isla, Miss “JJ”…The baby and she knows it. She knows just how to look at us to get exactly what she wants. And she’s not afraid to walk or talk her way into whatever that may be (I think this was a mom-brain thing, not sharing that she’s been walking for over a month and a half…). She LOVES books because they are tasty (?) and carrying her fabric fish tank as a purse (like mommy). Unlike Ava, she prefers eating her carbs more than anything else. She’s talkative, too, but more defined words in addition like no, night night, uh oh, doggy, and VaVa (Ava). Isla is our dancer – just give her a beat and she’s off her seat and moving. Oh, and she loves to give kisses! Climbing….oh my. This girl is a climber with very few fears…

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At their last appointment, the girls finally made it on the charts for their age, measuring around the 8th percentile. They’re both over 18 pounds and wearing 12-month clothes (though Isla doesn’t fill out pants all that great unless she’s wearing her cloth diaper).

While it’s hard to believe, happy sixteen month birthday, baby girls! xoxo

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