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When we were on our girls’ week, my cousin Jess got sick. I hate to say it, but I am kind of jealous.

As we’re approaching the true, cool fall weather, my allergies have me down. Three days of work fighting being able to breathe make me quite jealous of Jess getting to fend off her sinus issues in that there hammock. Even if I blamed her for hogging it one day, ha!

You see, when you’re on vacation and get sick, you have some time to take care of yourself, get rested, and get back at it quicker. It’s likely my allergies (or sinus or praying to God it’s not the MAN COLD) are going to stick with me longer than they would if I’d just take some time to rest. Instead, I push myself harder to get to work, do what I need to do, get home, run, and be a mom and wife.

Monday night, I fought some serious mom guilt and actually made it to the kids’ bedtime before succumbing to medicine-induced sleep. But Tuesday morning? Right back up, at a much slower pace than normal, and starting my day.

Oh how I wish for a day to spend in the Resting Place hammock, swinging my sniffles away.

How about you? Do you give in when sick and just take a day off, or do you force yourself to keep pushing through? What’s the best way to deal with the SICK? 

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