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It has come to my attention over the last few days how much my husband is loved by myself and my family.  Without asking for it, multiple people in my family have given kudos to how much they enjoy him and recognize him as an amazing addition to us.  The man amazes me and Arianna on a daily basis, but to hear it multiple times within in a week feels really special.  So, today I praise my husband for being ever loving, always fun, laid back, and the best member of “Team Awesome”.  Let me just tell you some amazing things about him in a nutshell (and hopefully I won’t make you *gag* too much!)…

*  Greg has always been a good friend first and foremost.  The night I met him, he wowed me with his sense of humor and laid back attitude.  Always one to lend a hand, he was there when I needed moved from my apartment to townhouse (even if he lost my washer hose and we didn’t find it until we moved to this house, lol).  He was the only one who offered to come to the rescue of my roommate and I when it was 95 degrees and her car radiator burst, leaving me preggers and hot at a shady car shop (ok, I have to say, he looked AMAZING in his security uniform…shh!).  He went car shopping with me (that is not an easy task because I am picky).  But the greatest thing he ever did as a “friend” was wake up at the butt crack of dawn, get in my car, and accompany Mallory and I to the hospital when my water broke.  He stayed with us all day, met my parents, and was the 2nd man to touch Arianna after we’d waited 15 hours for her to arrive.  Let’s forget that he taunted me with orange soda and remember how much he made me laugh and kept me sane during a stressful time. 

* From the moment he heard Arianna’s first screams at 9:53, he was the best dad I’ve ever seen.  Although only my mom and dad could stay with me, Greg was back at the hospital early the next morning to spend time with me and Arianna.  He held her so lovingly and although she was never really fussy, he was the one that could calm her.  Never afraid to change her diaper or give her a bottle, he always stepped up to the plate.  I am not surprised that Arianna’s first repeated word was “daddy” because she has always loved him to peices (and he loved her back just as much if not more).  If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing the two of them together, you know what I am talking about.  She is so lucky to have him as part of her life, and our baby boy is so lucky to get to share his awesomeness too. 

*  He has always shows love and care for others, even if they are strangers (as long as they aren’t performing jagoff moves on the road).  I could write volumes about the times he has reached out and helped someone, but I’ll just tell you about a recent time.  We were at a rest stop on our way to OBX and a woman fell on the sidewalk.  Greg ran off the bus to make sure she was ok and stayed with her until he knew she was able to get up.  The fact that he goes above and beyond means a lot to me. 

*  He is a good son and brother.  Yes, every family has had their moments, but when I look at the relationship Greg has with his parents and sisters (and now my parents and brother), I fall deeper in love with him.  A real man knows a balance of loving his “first family” and loving the family he creates.  Greg really loves his family and it shows. Such an amazing feeling.  I am just so lucky he has been able to extend that love to my family and extended family. 

*  He is an amazing partner and soul mate.  For that, I am incredibly lucky.  You aren’t going to get details outta me, but Greg shows me day in and day out what true love is all about. We may have fallen in love and gotten married extremely quickly, but it was true and meant to be.  Every day I wake up and see that he is here with me is a testament that true love really, truly “just knows”. 

*  Ok, it helps that he is a Steeler fan, too. 🙂

Thank you, Greg, for being my support.  Although you may not realize it, you bring so much to our family.  Arianna is truly lucky to have you raise her.  What a blessing it is to be in love with you! 🙂

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