Shine Bright

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Arianna. You (and your brother) made us so proud on Saturday. You proved you are able to shine bright as a light to other kids, showing them God’s love.

You played with kids you had never met. You invited them to Sunday School. You were a true beacon to a dark world.

And then on Sunday, you continued to shine bright, helping Mama navigate through a rough night with your brother’s “I’m almost 5” ‘tude.

On Monday, you made me cry ’cause you talked to me about how you can shine bright instead of being bad. And let me be clear. You are not bad by any stretch of the word. A challenge at times, yes. Bad? No.

And then tonight. As we entered acro and some girls maybe a year ahead of you were outright rude to your face, you again chose to shine bright and keep a smile on.

Thank you for not letting the darkness of the world get to you, thank you for remembering that you are like a diamond.

Shine bright.


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