She’s Going Away

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Where is Mommy going NOW?!?!?!

Evan’s words just pierced my heart. If I got asked once, I got asked a million times if I had to go to work this weekend. The struggle of having a working mom for a mom is real, y’all.

We had just finished an amazing dinner. We all four sat down, pretty much little to no distractions. All were mostly present in the moment. I’ll admit – I was guilty thinking about a blog post I really wanted to write about the meal, so I wasn’t completely there, but I was there

And yes, we were all going to do our own thing for a few moments of peace before bringing this weekend to a close. Evan was headed to watch Kiara the Brave. Arianna wanted some time on her Kindle. I was going to write the post that was running through my head. Greg was going upstairs to catch the game (which we’ve been DVR’ing), but before he went upstairs, he checked the front door as he always does before heading upstairs (security guard in him and all).

That’s when the question came.

Where is Mommy going NOW?!?!?!

And my brain went from sharing a recipe with yinz to pouring out my ‘lil heart. My ‘lil man didn’t want me to go anywhere any time soon. He’s tired of me always leaving, running here or there and not being here with him. It’s reality, but it doesn’t make it any easier. And it’s not that easy on me, either, kiddo.

July was a busy month for us. Greg and I went to Aruba. Greg’s parents and sister visited. I’ve been busy at work because it is financial year end and beginning. I went back to Columbus to get inspired and motivated for my business (and future). It’s not been our normal schedule, and ‘lil Man is not liking it.

It’s hard to say I’ll just snap my fingers, change my ways and be here for him. Because if any0ne truly knows me, they know that me being up and moving, doing, being, is what I do best. Even when I am not feeling well. It is just how I roll. And to truly be here for him, I really do have to be the best me I can.

I think a Mommy/Evan date is in the works (sneak peek was posted if you are following me on Twitter, more to come tomorrow here on the blog). That’s a start. As is taking more time for that Newer Me I keep telling myself I am going to be. She’s fun. She’s happy. And she’s really going to be here more for you, kiddo. Pinky promise.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my baby boy would like some snuggles.


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