She Walked

You thought this post, she walked, was going to be about one of the twins, huh? Well, that post is coming some day here soon (like when I put the video up), but not today. This is about our oldest, and something big she did today.

Nope, it’s not that it was her last day of First Grade (that post will come another day, too, a day when my tears have dried and I can look at the big girl camera photos). That was big, but not this.

Tonight, she walked (with a friend) to the friend’s house. It’s only a little more than a block away, but this seems pretty big and grown, right? Interestingly enough, Greg and I were just saying last night that that’s how things were when we were kids. And that’s how they are now, our new reality.

She walked, just like I would have at her age, without mom or dad or a cell phone. She walked, and my heart beat so very fast (it had to have been beating outside my chest) until I got the text from the other mom that they had arrived.

But she did it. She proved to me that she can do big girl things and that I will survive. And for this, I am so very proud.

…and then she and her Bubby got glitter tattoos…

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