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Ari, Evan, Greg, and Rowdy listening to bedtime stories.

One of Arianna’s new favorite nighttime books is about sharing. Four little children are playing at the beach (aren’t you jealous?) and go through a series of things they can share (a ball, shovel, net). After the little girl has been allowed to play with the others, she refuses to share her picnic lunch. The children let her know it hurts to not share, and she learns a lesson that sharing is two ways and a good life-skill.

Although Ari is rarely around other children, she’s never really had a big problem with sharing—frankly, I have had enough of my share of her germs that she picks up and half eaten soggy Cheerios. (But you know I love it.) She loves to play with other kids, but doesn’t really have fits when it comes to sharing.

What I find particularly ironic about her new found favorite is that she has never been jealous of Evan, but recently started to learn that she has to share her brother with others. This was particularly evident this weekend when she was with my parents. Every time one of them would hold Evan, she had to be on their laps, too. She even crawled up on my lap to take a little nap yesterday. Is this the beginning of jealousy or just saying, “Hey, I love my baby too!”? Either way, I hope this book will serve as a great reminder that it’s rude to expect others to share with you when you don’t want to share with them.


Speaking of sharing, I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who have been reading the blog and are commenting here, on Facebook, and in our conversations. I do hope to get the blog printed up to give to the kids—can you just imagine how big that file will be in 18 years? It has been great to share our lives with you, and I plan on continuing to do so. Thank you for your love!

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