Seven Springs Surprise

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Friday was a positively gorgeous day. I enjoyed a few moments after work with my co-workers, treated myself to an iced coffee with coconut milk, and headed home. I had no idea what Greg had waiting for me.

Usually when I open the door I am greeted by the Bigs and the dogs, one or all of them typically pushing the Twins out of the way to get to me first. On Friday, I was greeted by silence. The house smelled incredible and everything was in its place. Assuming the Twins were napping and the kids coloring, I snuck to the living room to find no babies. Greg was in the kitchen smiling like a kid on Christmas.

He’d surprised me, planned a Seven Springs surprise getaway on his birthday weekend. After some stressful months and almost two years with no more than a handful of (non-consecutive) nights away from the Twins, it was time for us to get some alone time.

I cried.

Then I asked if he was kidding.

Nope. He’d planned this all behind my back, conspiring with my parents and brother to take care of the kids. We’d been saving some gift cards I’d won in a few contests for just the right time and here it was.

Friday night we stayed home and enjoyed a 3-mile bike ride, time in the hammock, pizza, and some tv. Saturday morning he woke with me and the sun for a run (3.1 for him, 7 for me). It was amazing to run with him and not worry about the kids and their bikes, we hadn’t done that in almost three years.

We headed up the mountain I grew up on and enjoyed a sunny, warm, and beautiful ride into God’s masterpiece. Along the way we talked, really talked, about things that didn’t have to do with work, money, diapers, or our hectic schedule. I felt so alive.

His plan to have some laughs played out- we made it in time to catch about half of the Pond Skim. I’ll admit, it was hilarious and I know he enjoyed it tons.

Next, I was whisked away to the Trillium Spa where I had an afternoon of treatments. I was spoiled (and reminded “happy wife, happy life” when feeling guilty over it being his birthday). The spa is the best I’ve ever been to and service was like no other. In fact, I still feel chill days later. A bath, wrap, and massage later, I met up with my husband who got to catch a nap.

After enjoying some views of the slopes (people were skiing in t-shirts!), we had dinner (which promptly made me curl in a ball because I couldn’t resist the gluten, lesson learned).

Sunday was a leisurely morning of breakfast and heading home. Reality set in when we had to stop for diapers, but gosh did we miss those girls and their sister and brother. Soon enough, we were enjoying time with them at our (Greg, Ava, Isla, Mom, and my) birthday dinner at Fortune Star, a family tradition.

This surprise was exactly what we needed…and we hope to continue to get the chance to sneak away every now and again. Thanks, Dad, Mom and Jack!

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