Self Esteem: Wearing the Right Clothes

A few weeks ago, Arianna started weeding through her clothes and piling up all the 3T’s. Sure, most of them are too tight or short, but I didn’t expect her to figure it out own her own. She’s begging for more 5’s because she knows she won’t be four for long.

Before she went to bed, she told me her tummy was too big and she needed to get on the scale. When I asked her why she said because her shirt was too tight and she looked big. It’s starting too young…and Greg and I vowed to make a conscious effort to keep it from growing to where I ended up. It’s not going to be an easy battle, but we’re going to do everything to let her know she’s gorgeous and sized JUST RIGHT (if not even a ‘lil small).


Last week, I was away for a work conference and put together some outfits that actually fit me. I tell you, it does a world of difference when you wear the right clothes, so I guess I understand what she means. Today at work, I wore pants that were too big and a bulky cardigan, making me look a lot bigger than I really am. It’s holding up my self esteem…and then I look at this photo Greg snapped of me before I toured Zappos’ corporate office.

IMG_8053 (Copy)

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