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Disclaimer: I received the product below in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own.

I’ve been adding accessories to my daily “style” quite a bit lately, but sometimes I forget about my hair. scünci® Hair Accessories is here to help me and you accent your beautiful hair this holiday season.

Glam up a holiday stocking with glittery, shiny hair accessories, add the final touch to holiday hairstyles or get creative and add a personal flare to holiday gifts by tying scünci® hair accessories with ribbon to packages or clipping them on to gift bags!  After all, what girl doesn’t love adding to her stash of beautiful hair accessories?
Now you can choose three of the scünci® hair accessories below to review in your holiday gift guide:
• scünci® No Slip Galaxy Jaw Clip- Raised grip which fuses with your hair to keep your style in place! The cushion hold is super gentle and effective.
• scünci® No Slip Circle Pony Clip- Allows you to come full circle and achieve the all-day hold you know and love, with a new feel!
• scünci® Bendini Clip with Jewel Dangle-Jewelry for your hair or bling for your holiday gift! scünci bendini clips add instant glam in just a bend and a snap!
• scunci® Upzing- Create dozens of different hairstyles with scünci’s UpZing: two side combs connected with a intricate and decorative web of elastic to hold hair effortlessly.
• scünci® Knotted Ponytailers- Add a pop of color to your hair, your wrist or holiday gift!
• scünci® Expandable Headband with Iridescent Finish- Effortless beauty adjusts to all hair types and textures.
scünci® sent me the Expandable headband, knotted ponytailers, and Bendini Clip to try out.
The Expandable Headband is gorgeous, and I love that it folds up and in my purse in case I get headband headache (which I didn’t experience with this product – my head is a ‘lil larger than average, but it fit nice).
The knotted ponytailers were my favorite, but not as comfortable as I’d hoped – they were tighter in my hair and on my wrist than I liked. The neon colors of my set were awesome, and serving as an accessory on my wrist (thanks to a co-worker for this trend!), they work double time for me. 
Finally, the Bendini Clip. Mine was gorgeous – it has a teal and a pink jewel–but I cannot figure out exactly how to wear it right. Now, it definitely holds in my hair. You put the clip in with the comb forward then snap the clip part over your hair. Tight, in a good way. I just can’t get enough of my hair in it to do the bun that’s shown on the packaging.



Any of the accessories listed here can be found in mass market and drug stores nationwide for a suggested retail value of $2.99-$4.99.

If you’d like to give one of these a try, enter my giveaway through December 14.

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