Scrape-A-Round: Get Rid of the Snow!

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What is up with this weather lately? In the last seven days, I have worn flip flops, shorts, capris, and a winter coat (clearly not all together). We went from 80 degrees to 28 degrees in that time. Beautiful, green grass and blooming flowers to ice and snow. Ugh. Where is my beach?


The good thing is that I was prepared for the snow – my Scrape-A-Round is still in the van and helps me get rid of the snow (at least from the windows). Covering 18 inches of the windshield at a time, I can quickly and easily tackle this (hated) task. If I were to guess, it takes about half the time to clean off the snow (as compared to a traditional ice scraper).

If you remember, I shared details on the Scrape-A-Round back earlier in the winter, but I finally got a chance to use it and here’s how that went:

This feels like an efficient method of snow removal, but I’ll admit (as demonstrated in the video), it’s tough to use on the Durango because of the reaching across. I actually don’t have a hard time using it on the van.

Hopefully this weekend brings the last time for breaking this winter essential out. I’m so ready for tank tops and flip flops. Think ahead to winter ’17 and pick up a Scrape-A-Round for next year!

What do you keep in your winter car kit? 

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