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Yesterday after my tantrum, I decided it would be a grand idea to get out of the house and do something fun. ‘lil Miss A has demanded a pretty fun party for her birthday this year (btw, if you are wondering, it will be the Friday night of her birthday and she is SERIOUSLY counting down until October), and I want to make her a cool outfit for the photos beforehand. Twitter told me I can do this myself, and Hobby Lobby happened to have a sale on exactly what I needed, so it just made sense.

Greg opted not to join us because by the time A and I were showered, it was after one and he needed to be back for poker night by 6. Smart man, because any trip the ‘lil Burghers take over to Robinson usually ends up being an all day affair.

So, we set out to have some fun. I had no clue where the day would take us, but I grabbed all gift cards I could find, the Entertainment Book, and Kids Stuff book (coupon books which came in handy), and off we went.

Hobby Lobby was a major score for us, and I even picked up extras to make ‘lil Miss A a special Steelers outfit–problem is, she has demanded it for the pre-season game tonight. We shall see. Remember when I blogged about the canvas print? Well, my thank you sort of got mis-interpreted, and I ended up with a rolled canvas instead of one I could stretch. Turns out, Hobby Lobby can help me with framing options, so next time I am out there, I need to remember to bring it with me. Score! We’ll finally have a wedding photo hanging in our living room, you know, 3 and a half years later.

After we checked out, A asked what was next. A quick look in her laundry told me this kid was in need of fall clothes for school, and I happened to have a pretty sweet coupon in my email for The Children’s Place, so I decided the mall was a good place to head to. We scored big at TCP for A…there were several clearance items for $1.99 and lots of other steals plus my coupon and additional discount. She fell in love with a pair of glittery high tops, but I wouldn’t let her buy them because they were $30 and I knew her ‘lil feet would outgrow them quickly. She did get away with buying a pair of neon orange sandals…we’ll see what she pairs those with, ha.

After TCP, we walked the mall and window shopped. Before a stop to get pretzels, we came across a kiosk that boasted it could tell you the right sizes to look for at stores. I decided to give it a shot. Besides, I need to know what size I am now to help “seeing is believing” in this whole journey. Three times in the “tube”, and the thing either kept malfunctioning or I am too big for it to get a good reading. Well, humpfh! Maybe I’ll try another time.

After our snack break, A decided we needed to go downstairs because she noticed a playground area. Not so thrilled about this idea, I said we needed to walk the other half of the mall first.

As we walked past a store that sells “pink” goodies,  I kept walking, but noticed out of the corner of my eye they were doing fittings. As we circled back past, I decided to stop in. Let me tell you, it’s been over 10 years since I’ve really been of a size to purchase from there, so I was hesitant. That, and I had the kids with me. I asked an associate if they thought they could help me out, and for once in my life I was quickly wisked back to the fitting room. They must have upped their sizes, I told myself. A quick measurement and the associate proclaimed music to my ears. Not only did they have my size, I was actually not in the biggest size they carry AND they had  not upped their sizes. Multiple items were handed to me, and I was in awe. They were running a special this weekend and I took part in it, but was nervous. The last time I bought “bottoms” there, an XL was the option and they stopped (and no longer carry it). Well…another associate helped me out here…and she looked at me like I was crazy when I told her the pant size match to the bottom match would never work out, I would just pick a pair and find a friend to hand them to. Uh, people? She did not lead me astray, so don’t come asking if you can have my freebie bottoms. They are occupied, ahem. I felt like I was on Cloud 9 and proudly flaunted my pink bag around that mall.

After I was on my high, we were walking and A loudly proclaimed that someone smelled good, just like her Uncle Ja does. Then we did go to the playground, but I am going to blog about that one later. Humpfh.

Shoe shopping came next, and A made out like a bandit. She even asked to wear one of her finds (knock-off glittery Toms) out of the store and was over the moon when they said yes. As we picked out shoes for ‘lil Man, she found a pair of shoes that apparently looked just like Aunt Rin’s shoes and got ticked off at me when I said she couldn’t buy them. The kid doesn’t understand that an 8.5 (when did her feet get so big?) in toddler is not the same as an 8 in kids. At least number recognition didn’t slip this summer. I picked up a few new shoes–boat shoes, knock-off non-glittery Toms, and a pair of dress shoes to match some pants from a neighbor–and off we went.

Our day at the mall almost complete, I decided to check on a haircut. Not that I need one or want one at the moment (I tracked down my stylist from MC at her new location!), but this cut was a steal and came with a styling lesson. One look at the kids and the hostess was all, oh…our next appointment is at 8:15 (it was just after 7). Well, sorry for you, lady. What you don’t know is I saw your stylists sitting around and you could’ve taken me. I would’ve plopped A over at Giggles n’ Smiles and you would’ve had another customer to fill an empty chair. Anyways.

We made a stop at Party City to browse favors and ‘lil Man lost his mind over “pops”–Frooties from Tootsie Rolls. To the people in line behind me criticizing my parenting choice to feed the kids sugar at such an hour–you were parents once. Good luck with your snarky pre-teen as she hits high school, ok?

Pumped on green apple sugar (4 of them babies have 170 calories, so none for Mama), we made our final stop, Target. Perhaps you saw me tweet this and wondered what I was talking about:

Well, I have pics to prove it, just send me a message if you wanna see. Anyhow (she who calls out snark must know snark herself, ahem), we raided the clearance zone of women’s clothes (no more plus size shopping there for me, thank you very much) and A proclaimed it was messy, who did she need to talk to for clean up in the aisle?!??! Dear Burgher who laughed with me, thank you! While I was trying on the clothes, A made me cry (but more on that in another post, it’s too dear to add to this already long one). We browsed shoes, found a first day of school outfit (she demanded her dress be from the clearance rack, my kind of girl–you can preview it on a post I’ll be posting to Life With Levi this week–did you know I was writing there, too?), and even scored a few cute shirts for ‘lil Man.

SUPPER was from Wendy’s per A’s request, and we had a dance party riding home. There was a moment of BRAKING IN THE TUNNELS that had me yelling, but I realized an emergency vehicle was trying to enter the roadway and got over it quickly. A spirited rendition of “Home” (Philip Phillips), and we were back in our parking spot just after 10 (PM). People? My kids did not nap for a second! I’d tell you how long they slept in today, but I wrote this while still hyped up from my late dinner (can’t you tell). Both went to bed in their respective bedrooms, and I got to chat with a neighbor about healthy eating and how I am about to fit comfortably in the pants she gave me (even though I told her I never could see myself in that size).

Kids, I enjoyed our date and hope you did, too!

+ + +

Dear Mom–I am sure you are probably the only person reading this long memoir by now, ha!–thank you so much for showing me that sometimes Moms and kids need a day of shopping to change up our moods. Thank you for all those times you had amazing stamina and shopped away with us. I don’t know how you put up with it–my feet hurt!–but you did and I am thankful. We made great memories today, and A said the only person she would have rather been shopping with today was you. What a great statement to the mothering you’ve given me! 

If any of my friends or family stuck around for the end, let’s plan a girl’s weekend in Robinson shopping. Please? I promise you we’ll all be broke, tired, and happy by the end of it. Thank goodness we don’t live on that side of town or this would be a regular happening! 😉

For anyone else who stuck around to read this, thank you. Today’s post does have some fun memories in it, and I wanted to go back to my blog roots–this is for the kids to remember. I want them to forget the “mean Mama” they say in the morning and remember the fun we had in the afternoon/evening. Thank you for sticking it out.

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