Saying Sorry

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Last week, Arianna came home with bad news. She got in trouble at school, for sticking her tongue out at the teacher.

We were all shocked. The teacher was surprised she acted out, first big deal in two years. Greg and I were surprised it took so long. You see…she’s a typical kid. One way at school, another at home. 😉

Greg helped her sound out the letters to write this note for the teacher. Sometimes saying sorry and really meaning it goes a long way.

The things we can all use to learn from a kid, huh?


2 thoughts on “Saying Sorry”

  1. I have always made my kids write handwritten apologies when they get in trouble at school (because if they dont get in trouble – something is REALLY wrong)…..I think the apology goes a long way!
    good mama and papa – you guys!

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