With twins on the way, we really have no option but to find opportunities for saving. It’s been awhile since we’ve done some serious couponing, but now that we are back in our own home and have the space to build up a new stockpile, it might be time. Here’s a few tips I have for basic money-saving matters.

1. Always check to see if there’s a coupon. I recently discovered a coupon site that has a ton of places you can find and print a coupon for. Check out before your next oil change, dinner and a movie, shopping trip or online shopping spree. Don’t be kicking yourself later when you find a coupon after you bought something (guilty lately). Thanks to online outlets like AnnCoupons, you don’t need to subscribe to a paper or spend hours clipping coupons (that you’ll likely never redeem – also guilty).

2. Borrow it. I’m not talking about money. Nope, got myself in too much of that trouble in my earlier life! What I mean is borrow things that you will only need for a short time. Like maternity clothes. There’s a traveling box that I’ve been carrying with me and a few co-workers have added to it throughout the years. It’s come in handy for quite a few pregnancies and you might as well borrow something you’ll only need for a little bit.

3. Automatically move the money from checking to savings. I have a set amount that goes from “spend” to “growth” each week. It’s like a regular bill directly out of checking and into saving. That money will then be there for emergencies. You could even start small with one of those 52-week saving plans (start at $1 a week working up to $52 and see how much you have saved at the end of the year).

4. Ask around. Don’t always go for the biggest and best. We learned this when getting our dishwasher recently. Had one in mind (a low budget one) but then talked to the specialist at the store. He first showed us the high end models and explained what they did, but told us his best seller wasn’t the low budget or the high one. For $50 more, we got high end features that were more necessary for our size family but avoided sparkles we didn’t need. Seriously talk these things out.

5. DIY. If you have time, go this route. I’ve been doing more research on essential oils and seeing things I spend too much money on that I could make at home for the fraction of the price. Want tacos? Thaw some chicken versus hitting up the drive through. Simple changes can lead to big change in your pocket.

Ok, these are basic, but you get the idea. Now share – what’s your  best saving tip?


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