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Are you like us and live without an alarm clock? A land line? If so, you probably know the feeling I had this morning when I forgot to plug in my phone before bed. As I rolled over to tame the beeping beside me, I realized my alarm was going off literally seconds before my phone battery was dead. At 1%, I was somehow saved by my phone.

There would have been no phone call from my boss asking where I was. The kids would eventually have woken me, but who knows when. And if Greg hadn’t set his alarms, who knows when the two of us (recovering from mancold, a cough, and a nursing side effect) would have come out of hibernation. We totally rely on our cell phones.

In some cases…we even rely on them as our wallets. Before I got my pretty Speck phone case, I was using one of those sticker pockets that held my ID and Debit card. It was a nice convenience, so you can imagine transitioning was a little difficult (but it is SO pretty!). It’s ok though, because I passed the convenience on to Greg.


As the dad who often has to juggle a diaper bag and two car seats while corraling two big kids, it is nice to be able to carry less. His cell phone case, also from Speck, helps him do just that. This S4 case, the SmartFlex Card, has a slick built-in slot for cards (up to 3) and has a flat back (something my pocket didn’t provide). Beyond that, you can rest assured you have Speck’s Military Grade protection (in case you seem to think carrying less now means you can carry more and you drop your phone).

Some more about the SmartFlex Card Samsung Galaxy S4 Case from Speck Products:

Card and wallet case. Securely hold up to 3 cards (or folded bills) in this Galaxy S4 cover’s side-loading slot.
Military-grade drop tested. Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-810G standards. Drop tested onto a hard, unrelenting surface with phone retaining full functionality and no damage to screen or buttons.
Easy on, easy off. Flexible construction provides protection that’s durable, yet pops on and off in a snap.
Detailed to defend. Raised bezel protects screen from impact and adds grip so your phone can lie face down on tables or dashboards without sliding. Rubberized covers shield volume and power buttons while keeping them fully accessible.

Greg had been using my old Speck case which lasted us combined almost 2.5 years with very little wear and tear. He’s expecting this case will live up to the same expectations, but that he can upgrade his phone and eventually case, too. (Yes, you can get this case for newer phone models.) The alarm and volume are not impacted by the extra protective features or by carrying your cards and cash along with you.

Forgetting to plug your phone in, does however impact that. We’re thankful that our phones can save us from time to time…and that by protecting with Speck we have returned the love to our phones.

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