Santa Photo 2012

Yesterday we attempted Arianna’s 5th photo with Santa. Might I remind you how the first four years went…notice that there is only one photo in this post. 😉

2008, 2 months old…Mallory and I took her to Walmart for a free photo with Santa. She shot him a dirty look and then promptly started screaming.

2009, 1 year…We didn’t even attempt it because every time we mentioned or walked past a Santa, she screamed.

2010, 2 years and ‘lil Man was less than a week old…We went to the mall and waited a good 45 minutes with a newborn in tow, Mama still recovering from a c-section and wearing no make-up. We get to Santa, she wants nothing to do with him. We force her to get up on his lap and take the darn photo we waited all that time for. She asked us to get in the picture too, and it definitely belongs in an awkward family photos book (and not on this blog).

2011, 3 years old…We try the mall again. As we approach the (THANK GOD) short line, she announced she needed to pee. Greg took her while I waited with a shy, but somewhat curious one year old. As soon as my first loves returned, Santa’s elf came and closed the line. Arianna’s reaction? “Good, ’cause I wasn’t getting my picture with that Santa anyways.” We proceeded to plop $10 on a train ride instead.

2012, 4 years old…She still isn’t into Santa. We are not attempting the mall. But, her school celebrated Saint Nick’s Day and brought a special visitor to the school. Since I’ve been doing PR for the school, I was asked to come take photos. She clung to my leg and told the homeroom mom, “I don’t like him”. I got one crazy photo of her with Santa and then we managed to get another awkward family photo (Christmas card!). Oh, child.

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