Rutz Skincare: Infused with Love

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As I told you yesterday, I owe my 2 days of makeup free face to Rutz Skincare products. These organic skincare products are “rooted in goodness” as their website says. It’s obvious that love and care go into the creation, packaging, marketing, and selling of the line.

Seriously. Look at my face. No makeup. Out in public two days. No one looked at my funny. It meant a lot to me because the past few weeks, my skin has HATED me. Even when I swear by my usual go to acne cleanser. It was pretty embarrassing to get a facial in the state my skin was in – but I found I really need those moments in time. Oh, the photo!

No filter!

Not only did I get to test out the products in my in-house facial at Metamorphosis Organic Spa, but I got to take home four products that really have made my skin glow.

Rutz Skincare Products

First up is the Just Breathe facial wash. This is a smooth cleanser that literally lets your pores breathe. A little goes a long way, and I think the price is well worth it.

Next, I use the In Your Face elixir mist as a skin refresher. I’ll admit – I haven’t quite mastered the “close your eyes and spray the mist on your face” move quite yet. I’ve hit my eyes twice now and it wasn’t pretty. This is something I am working on. Luckily, the mist is 99% natural and did not burn my eyes. 😉

Speaking of eyes, Eye Conquered  is a light-weight moisturizer that obviously you’d use on your eyes, but it’s also perfect for lightly dabbing all over your face. Before going to bed on Saturday, I couldn’t help but post a photo of the label – I love that these products are based in Pittsburgh and “infused with love”!

And finally, I got to give the Smooth Talker rich moisturizer a try. This is perfect for tired feet and dry hands…or a “baby spa” evening with your ‘lil ones who were jealous of your night at the spa. It’s incredibly smoothing but without the greasy feel. I am truly in love with this product and will likely blow through my sample within two weeks. Good thing a full size tub is only $24!

You can find out more about the lovely / loving you line of Rutz Skincare (by the way, it’s said “roots”!) on their website, Facebook, and Twitter OR head over to Metamorphosis Spa for a treatment with these products. Either way, you win and will feel the love.

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  1. I’ve never been one that uses a lot of skin care or makeup products except every now and again so I don’t know much about what everything does but these products seem to be very unique and I love that they’re organic 🙂

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