Run For a Reason: I’m IN for the Half (And Need YOU!)

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Okay, you guys. I am seriously shaking.

Today, I decided to bite the bullet and register to “Run for a Reason” for the Pittsburgh Marathon’s Half Marathon. My mind and body fought, but after attending an event where the Race Director (Patrice Matamoros) spoke about why people do the marathon, I couldn’t just sit there and say “I wish I had done that, I had it in me.”

I lost 88 pounds. I lost my best friend to cancer. I ran 2 5ks. I did Mud on the Mountain. I birthed two babies. I was a single mom. I moved every 3-4 years as a kid. I moved to South Carolina on a whim and prayer. I moved home on another whim and prayer. I have no freaking excuse to not be able to do this. I can take this half and kick it.

Right? But here’s the thing. I really, really need your help. If I don’t raise the $350 for Genre’s Kids with Cancer Fund, I am going to have to foot the entire $350 registration fee myself. Those are crazy scary odds. Scarier than me worrying about finishing the half.

But what is even scarier is being a kid and having Cancer. Genre’s Kids With Cancer fund seemed like the most logical charity to run for. Genre fought and won against cancer, and now this young man (12 years old, he was 8 when diagnosed in 2009!) is doing more for others. Helping get sick kids toys and games to pass their time at Children’s Hospital (where Wendy was treated) and keep their mind off the c-word. Helping parents with the financial burden of traveling for treatments. Helping everyone to spiritually deal with the impact of cancer. It’s just such good stuff, that I can’t NOT do this for him, for the sick kids, for Wendy.

Source: Genre’s Site

If every person who read my “ONEDerland” post gave just $3, I’d have this thing beyond in the bag.

If every Twitter follower gave $0.50, I’d be above and beyond my goal.

If every Facebook friend gave $1, I’d be there.

For some reason, I think my network, my CROWD, could put this in the bag for me this week. Right?

We together would raise a ton of money for kids with cancer. But I know my friends, family, and network. You guys have pushed me. You’ve held me when I’ve fallen. And you can help me raise this $350 in no time. No pressure, but I need half of it by the end of this month!

So, how are you going to help me? Who is in to be the first to give to my goal? And even more importantly, who is in on Cinco de Mayo to join one of the neighborhood festivals and stand along the race path and cheer me on?

I’ve got this, right?

Help me to help the kids (and to cross that finish line). Visit my CrowdRise page and donate here: If you’d prefer, Email Me to donate privately or via cash/check.

Have a few extra moments? Check out Genre addressing the crowd at the Marathon Press Conference. Trust me, it’s worth your time.

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