Rufus and Ryan Go to Church!

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“Making connections” is one of the comprehension skills of literacy. Rufus and Ryan Go to Church! is a book that made such awesome connections to our ‘lil boy that I shed tears that first time I read it.


Do you see why, yet?

So sweet, this story by Kathleen Long Bostrom tells the story of four-year-old Ryan who takes his stuffed monkey (Rufus) to church.

Just like our Evan and Monkey/Baby, Ryan and Rufus:

  • Greet the pastor
  • Love the Bible story (especially the Ark)
  • Fidget
  • Say AMEN!

I seriously shed tears the first time I read it, because I know Evan would enjoy reading a book like him. Sadly, he didn’t get it at first, but Arianna totally made the connection. She was dancing on her carpet square as the story went on, smiling ear to ear. When it was done, she said, “Bubby, that story is just like YOU!”. And then I think it clicked with our ‘lil boy. 😉

Rufus and Ryan Go to Church! is the first in a board book series for kids ages 2-5. This series (which includes Rufus and Ryan Say Their Prayers) provides a simple, child-friendly introduction to the concepts of Christianity, starting with going to church and saying prayers. In addition, the books focus on character traits and development. The text is presented in young Ryan’s voice as he teaches Rufus about the things he is learning himself.

You can find the series at This book retails for $7.99.

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