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On Sunday, we had a beautiful day in Pittsburgh. I did my run and then convinced Greg to get out of bed and we take the kids to the zoo. We went with about 5,000 of our closest friends, it seemed.

Our favorite exhibits, the elephants and the rainforest caused some interesting conversations for (a potty-training) Evan.

As he and Arianna stood against the rail in the elephant house, some ‘lil boys came up and pointed to the remains of the dinner the animals were eating. Of course, being ‘lil boys, they giggled and laughed, yelling out that it was “Elephant poo”. Our ‘lil “Pete n’ Repeat” decided this was hilarious and that they would scream and shout it as we traveled from the elephant house to the giraffes.

Thinking they had given up on the phrase of the day, we ventured through the rainforest, only to finish it up with a display of the poo in action by the gorillas. So now the new funny was “gorilla poo!” and it stuck pretty much through the rest of the time there.

As I helped Evan get ready for bed, he was taking care of business and proclaimed his poo less stinkier than the elephant or gorillas. Oh, we definitely have a ‘lil boy on our hands and have so many crazy years ahead of us!

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