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This week has me invigorated. It is time to roar louder, to stop that inner voice saying…

I can’t.

I’ll never.

I’m stuck.

I won’t. 

I don’t know how.

I am not good enough.

5 days out from running among some amazing people (30,500 some to be exact), I am ready to hush those voices. To set bigger goals. To live louder. To give more. To go. Fight. Win.

Maybe it is seeing the scale go up 2 pounds after sitting at a 4 month plateau (but looking at some awesome muscle gain).

Maybe it is realizing I am not working in the field I studied in, but I’ve got skills.

Maybe it is watching my kids grow, hearing them ask to run in the Kids Marathon, taking their Pappy for a healthy walk, or begging for yogurt and apples.

Maybe it is looking at the man who loved me at 287 and174 pounds and every bit of me in between and seeing his pride when he accomplished something he’s never done (a sub hour 10k plus .2 miles).

Maybe it is the summer air (oh, it is here).

Maybe it is realizing today is the best day of play life…and tomorrow promises to be even better

I started my day with an email from a professional speaker, urging her readers to call their moms. I didn’t listen (because my mom’s day had already started), but am so glad we did talk today. I want to be sure my mom, dad, brother, other mom and dad, sisters, husband,  kids, family, and friends get the me that can.

The me that does.

The me that has no fear.

The me that has no burdens.

The me that wants you to come along and roar just a ‘lil louder, laugh a little harder, and loves a lot stronger.

Are you with me?

Rawr. Louder.

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